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3 comments to Annapurna Post

  • Rajniti janata bata tadha hudai chha yaslai kasari janata sanga sambandhhit banauni yo bisaya ma bahas chalauda upayukta hunchha ki


    The Annapurna Post is one of the outstanding daily newspaper. Nevertheless if it can give more coverage to the gulf activities it would be better for the aboroad workers like us.

  • Naresh Thakur

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I want to give an advertisement of a Notice which is around 300-400 words in black & white colour in any Nepali Newspaper that has its publication in Kathmandu. I want to know which is the Lowest price\Cheapest Newspaper to give this Notice advertisement.

    There are No pictures in this Notice & it can be published in any page of the newspaper. I am out of Kathmandu so I will be making an online transfer to the newspaper agency. Then I want 3 copies of Newspaper to be posted to me.

    Pls tell me the minimum charges for this Advertisement. I want it to be published on Monday, 27th June 2016.

    After receiving the cheapest Quotations from you for quarter page of your Newspaper, I will send you the content of the Advertisement.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Naresh A. Thakur

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