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  • Ambernath MOSSAE

    Dear Sir / Madam

    At the very outset my heartiest thanks to you and your team for going through our mail.

    I am FULLY Mauritian and here, with 54% of the population being Hindu (asian origin), we are aggrieved with the recent tragedy in your country and the trauma civilians are going through.

    Hence, the HELP foundation here, under the directorship of Mr Bissoon MUNGROO a well known business man, is organising a fund raising teledon on Saturday 16th May – which function would be under the aegis of the PRIME MINISTER’S RELIEF FUND.
    This event will be broadcasted live throughout Mauritius by the nationalTV Channel the MBC.

    The fund raising function itself will be launched by the Right Honorable Prime Minster of Mauritius Sir Anerood JUGNAUTH.

    In that connection I would require the following help from you asap

    We intend hold an exhibition of photos – heart pulsating ones – of the earthquake impact, the miseries of people , the relief and aid operations going one + any other striking photos. We’ll have the photos printed here and affix them for the exhibition. Some 50 to 80 photos would do – and of course we’ll give you the credit .

    On the day of the event we wish to have a live interview with one or two people whom you might recommend – a high government official + a journalist would do – interview to be in both Hindi and English. It would be great to have a Minister or aid operation chief. Rest assured that during our live TV broadcast we’ll mention that its through your effort that we’ve bee able to carry out the interviews.

    We need a bite whereby a child from Nepal is appealing to the Mauritians to donate generously for all the victims of the earthquake – especially the children.

    I would really be ever grateful for your help and support.
    Contact details for Mr Bisson MUNGROO – + 230 212 2966 / + 230 5250 2538
    If you have any other suggestion, please let me know.

    Awaiting your immediate response

    My best regards to you Sir / Madam

    Yours sincerely

    Ambernath MOSSAE

    + 230 5794 4949
    + 230 5781 4366

    + 230 5730 9000

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